Megastar Cinema


Megastar Cinema

Until recently, the City of Da Nang was lacking any form of modern cinema. There were several older cinemas, but none with decent seating, surround sound a large screen. When the Big C hypermarket was originally planned, space was allocated for a full westernized cinema. Although this cinema was slow in completion, it finally opened its doors fully in 2010. The Megastar Cinema is a modern cinema in every sense.

The Megastar Cinema is the only cinema in the City of Da Nang which prevents foreign films without dubbing them in Vietnamese. This is a truly western style cinema in every respect, including the availability of both sweet and salted popcorn in the cinema lobby! The only real difference between the Megastar Cinema and a cinema in the western hemisphere is the price of the tickets. These are much cheaper than in the west, usually around 20% of the price


Almost every major international movie release will come to the Megastar Cinema, and this is usually at around the same time as they are released in the United States. All major Vietnamese movie releases are also screened here, and these are presented with English subtitles in most cases, although it is worth checking before you purchase a ticket.

House Rules apply for certain movies where the movie studio or movie distributor has requested that all electronic recording devices (cameras, mobile phones, computers, etc.) be banned from inside the cinema room. Your electronics goods will be stored securely and returned back to you after the movie ends. This is typically only for the opening weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) of the movie’s release.

The Megastar Cinema also has full 3D capability, and increasingly more and more 3D feature films are being screened. 3D glasses are supplied. However, be aware that if you damage them, you will have to pay for them.